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Podcasts YOU SHOULD listen to, to get ahead!

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by Impactpool

Gone are the days when you skimmed through radio stations on repeat, trying desperately to find something worthwhile to listen to. With podcasts, you can find atleast one for any topic you are interested in at a touch of a finger! They make your routines such as commuting to work much more interesting, stimulate your mind while you do some work at home and keep you motivated while working out at the gym or taking a walk.


Why are podcasts popular and why you should consider them: 


1. A source of inspiration, motivation, ideas and advice

2. Learn unique topics directly from thought leaders 

3. Personal and Professional Growth

4. An alternative to reading 

5. Stay informed about current events 

6. Easily accessible and can be done while doing something else


Below is a list of some podcasts to keep you informed about Current Affairs and the Impact Sector: 

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